20 Best Free Movie & TV Streaming Sites Online

What would weekends look like without movie marathons and unlimited popcorns?

In this hustle bustle work filled the world, entertainment has an indispensable role to play in everyone’s life. And movies are the most comforting entertainers that refresh our cramped brains. Every genre of film suits a specific mood, helping us ease out all our accumulated stress. With the advancements in next-generation mobiles and accelerated internet facilities, movies are handy entertainers that fall within the range of everyone’s reach.

Now, Wouldn’t it be amazing, if you knew where to stream your favorite films online without paying a penny?

Here is a list of must-visit sites that will help you run the show for a movie marathon with your bunch or on a lonely Saturday night.

Best Free Movie Streaming Sites No Sign Up 2019


Anonymously Watch Free Movies

When using free streaming sites VPN is the most necessary thing. Using a VPN gives you great security and prevents others from accessing or monitoring your online activities. It also bypasses the location-based restrictions and enables you to stream contents virtually from anywhere around the world.

There are many VPN services available, we recommend using the NordVPN service. It will be hide your identity, location, and other online activities. This gives you robust security and has faster data access.

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Top Free Movie Sites List for Watching Movies Online




Popcornflix is a part of Screen Media Ventures, LLC, one of the largest distributors of motion films worldwide. Popcornflix provides access to movies that fall under a wide range of genres from romance to action to thriller to comedy. Watch handpicked movies online to make your movie time more interesting. It doesn’t just stop here, also stream your favorite TV shows and take a look at the viral videos that have rocked the world recently. Also, look out for their apps on the app store, play store and Amazon. Run through their directory to find more exciting titles. The website is created to be highly interactive and is one among the top free websites to stream movies online. Watch movies in high quality to enjoy your filmy times.

Their app is created to ensure access and is supported by all Android and Mac devices. Popcornflix originals are unique to this website, and these movies are treasured possessions of Popcornflix.  This website is advertisement free. However, there are certain restrictions pertaining to the country from which it is accessed. This can be overcome by using a VPN service, enabling full freedom to access your favorite film.

Tubi TV

Website: https://tubitv.com


tubitv.com is a one-stop spot for all your movies needs. TubiTv requires registration using your mail id to access permission to watch your favorite films. Stream anywhere from Android, Mac, PS4 or Apple TV and is supported on Xbox as well. Create your TubiTv account to access unlimited movies for free. Movies are of high quality and advertisement free. Find movies from Asia to Europe and beyond with their foreign language list. Confused on what to pick? Check out their “Weekly Watchlist” to stream the week’s top picks. Lighten your hearts with the Standup comedies and TV comedy shows available at Tubi TV for free.

Get the TubiTv application today from Playstore and Appstore. The app is supported on iOS, Android, Roku and Amazon Fire. Their application was created with an aim to provide free movies online from anywhere and at any time.


Website: https://www.youtube.com/


YouTube is a prevalent application that finds its place in everyone’s device. Find your favorite movies and viral videos streaming live for free on this website cum application. Stay updated with the trending movies and subscribe to your favorite channel to view more. You can queue movies on the watch later list and also review your favorite ones from the history tab.

Now, you can watch movies online without downloading from anywhere and at any time.

YouTube can be accessed without a signup option as well, but if you wish to like or subscribe, a sign up with your mail is essential. With the notifications from YouTube, you can stay updated on the recent releases from the channel of your choice. The quality ranges from 144p to HD, and you can watch them all for free. There are advertisements that you can skip, but pop up blocks and ads will sometimes hinder.



justwatch free movie site

Just watch is one among the best free streaming sites to watch your favorite movies, comics and web series.  Watch movies online for free which is just a few clicks away. The best part is that you can watch these videos even without downloading. Choose from the best movies in your genre and enjoy your cinema time with one of the best free streaming sites.

Just watch requires a sign up with your Google or Facebook account to get started. The movies are usually. Choose from over 13000 titles and pick up your choice. Check out for recent updates from Netflix and the providers from anywhere around the world. Their website is designed to be interactive and user-friendly.

P.S: Certain movies are available only on payment. The film can also be filtered according to your budget.


Website: https://yo-movies.com/


YoMovies is yet another free movie website, that lets you watch best-loved movies online. Watch videos from Bollywood, Hollywood and dubbed movies from the one among the best free streaming sites. YoMovies falls under the list of free movie streaming sites with no signup.

Pick up the movie you want to watch, play and start streaming for free. You movies provide high quality, ad-free movies and are supported on all devices.

Watch an exclusive collection of Bollywood movies only from You movies.




Want to watch movies without downloading? If so, freeform is the best choice. Freeform is a premium website to watch full movies online. Check out for trending movies and stream them online.

Watch recent movies without signing up, and your choicest movies are just one step away. Select the genre of your choice, pick up a movie and stream it online from one of the choicest free movie websites.




If you are looking for a website to stream movies of your choice without downloading them, HDOnline is the perfect place. Choose from movies extending over 16700 movies,  across genres and languages. All you have to do is visit the website, pick up your film and start playing. Select from 45+ genres to stream your favorite films. HDOnline is preferred as one among the best free streaming sites to celebrate your cinematic life.

Voot Movies


voot - movie site online

Voot is India’s free movie streaming site to watch movies and series online without downloading,

Stream from over a wide range of classics, romance, thrillers, and comedy films. Also, find Voot in App Store and Play store to enable easy access to your evergreen and ever-loved films.

Cherish your favorite movie scenes without any hindrance or downloading limit. Sign up to stream your favorite films and enjoy unlimited entertainment.




Watch free uncut, unedited movies from your favorite genres. Crackle is a website which offers unlimited movies online. Crackle belongs to the Sony family, that streams unlimited movies online. If you are looking to watch the best Hollywood movies, without the burden of downloading.

Reach the best movie streaming site “Crackle,” to suffice your fantasy needs. Crackle has limited access in certain countries, which can be made available by downloading VPN services.




CMovies offers a wide range of latest movies and TV Shows online to be watched absolutely free. Log in to their website to find your favorite movies and watch them without downloading, absolutely free. Their easily interactive page offers easy access to movies from different genres and different languages.

Watch top IMDb rated movies absolutely free. If you don’t find your movie of interest, request in their page and get to stream your favorite movies. Log in with your Google account or your E-mail Id’s to watch your favorite films.




Stream unlimited movies online from moviesfoundonline.com for free. You can also watch documentaries, series, animations and viral videos online without signing up. Click the icon of your favorite movie and just start watching.

Moviesfoundonline is an easy, interactive and user-friendly website for users who do not wish to sign up. Lest for their advertisements, it is the most comfortable website for movie lovers.




FMovies is a simple, user-friendly free movie streaming sites with no sign-up. Movies are stacked according to their year of release from 2000 and also a wide range of genres. Find out interesting and unique genres like KungFu and Costume only on FMovies. This website is easy streaming and is ad-free.

With no pop-ups make your movie time merrier. Also, watch the recent releases and web series online for free without downloading.

Classic Cinema Online


Classic cinema online lets you watch all old classics from the 1900s. Watch a rare collection of classic


Films online, that you can find nowhere. Their unique option is a genre called silent films, i.e., movies with no sound. Classic cinema online is a warehouse of specimen movies that requires no sign-up. Surf your favorite film and stream it in just 2 taps. Watch films without interruptions and pop-ups. Watch rare collections of serials from the 1950s, this will turn you nostalgic and lets you travel generations with their novel and classic collection.




Yes, movies are one among the top rated websites to stream movies of your choice online without downloading. Their user-friendly webpage enables easy access to movies of all genres. Not just this, you can also watch the recent episodes of your favorite web-series on Yesmovies. Watch movies from various countries and languages in high definition quality for free on yes movies. Their ad-free page stops interruptions in your movie time.

Search your film and watch it absolutely free on Yesmovies.




Vumoo is my personal favorite website to download or watch movies online for free. This interesting website requires no registration or sign up. It enables you to watch movies for free and also download them so that you can save them for later times.

Movies are arranged alphabetically or sorted according to genres, to ensure easy access to users. Stream it only on HD quality to enjoy movies of your choice. This is yet another ad-free website that has no pop-ups.




Watch unlimited, high-quality movies for free on BMovies. The webpage is designed to search for movies of your interest. The website is absolutely safe and streams movies in High Definition quality for crystal clear view. Unlike other websites, Movies requires no sign-up or registration process. Your favorite movies are just one step away from you.

Movies also help you access other free online streaming websites through their hyperlinks. Its absolutely free to use and is supported on almost all devices.




Stream your favorite movies online without any advertisements in between only on Gostream. This website is absolutely free to use and is also downloadable to watch your favorite movies later. This website is created to be user-friendly with no pop-ups to block your entertainment.

Also, it is of supreme quality to ensure you experience a perfect movie time. The website also provides access to the description of the movies and IMDb ratings to help you pick a superb movie from the genre of your choice.




AZmovie is a popular website to watch your favorite movies online without downloading. Movies are available in all quality ranges and all genres here. This is yet another free website to watch not just movies, but also your favorite Netflix series. Their website is frequently updated, so check out every day to view an entirely new list of movies added to the list.

You can stream it anywhere on any device as this is supported on almost all modern gadgets. Their ad-free webpage helps you scan the list of movies you want without hindrance. Grab your favorite movie here and begin watching…




Check out Putlocker to find your favorite movies and watch them online for free. Put locker requires no registration or sign up, you can select the movie of your choice and stream them anytime. The movies are 720p or in High definition quality to help you have a theatrical experience. You can also watch IMDb rated web series online for free.

Look for the featured films that will help you pick a movie when in chaos. This is also an ad-free and pop-up free website. Follow their updates on all social media including Facebook and Twitter.




5Movies helps you stream movies online. Their webpage initially is just a search engine, but upon exploration, you will visualize the enormous list of movies unwrap in different genres. The coolest part here is you can add a movie of your choice here, and hence give an opportunity to others to let them know about your favorite ones.

This website offers the latest movies in High definition quality. You can find new releases and recently added movies to the growing list.

Here is a bonus…




Find your favorite movies on Movie4u which is absolutely free to stream. You can pick a movie of your choice and watch it online without downloading. It doesn’t even require registrations or signing up. The movies are either of CAM or HD quality.

The movies here are stacked according to genres and their year of release, and is highly user-friendly, to help you select the movies you want. It is supported on all devices and can be accessed from any country.

Now you know the sites you should visit to watch movies during your leisure time.